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Safe To Learn Initiative

Ekhlas and her children sit at a gathering point in Kassala state.


Violence against children in schools affects nearly 250 million children each year – violating their human rights, limiting their educational success and sustainable futures, and damaging their health. In response, leaders in the education, child protection, violence prevention, and health sectors came together in 2018 to form the Safe to Learn initiative. Safe to Learn is a partnership endeavor, working toward a shared vision to end violence in and through schools so children are free to learn, thrive, and pursue their dreams.

Ending violence in and through schools refers to two aspects of ending violence. First, ending all violence that happens while at school, on and around school grounds, while getting to and from school, and in online activity linked to a student’s school life. Second, using school as an entry point to reduce violence in other areas of children’s lives. Schools can be important spaces where students develop the positive behaviors and relationship skills that can contribute to reducing violence in the home, community, and online, as well as other interpersonal violence.

Safe to Learn
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