Safe to Learn Call to Action

Ending violence against children in, around, and through schools

A girl looks over the shoulder of another girl, who is drawing, in their Grade 1 class at a UNICEF-supported school in Islahiye refugee camp, in Gaziantep Province.


Every child deserves to be safe to learn, and to develop the skills and confidence needed to shape their own future and lead healthy prosperous lives. Education can transform children’s lives and whole societies. Yet for too many children and young people, school is a place of violence and fear. An estimated 246 million girls and boys experience violence in and around schools every year.

Physical, sexual, and psychological violence in and around schools and online, including gender-based violence, affects children and young people in every country. Marginalized groups and groups subject to discrimination as well as children living in emergencies and protracted crises are often disproportionately affected by school violence and bullying.

Safe to Learn
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